My name is Alaa Afaneh I'm a sophomore law student I’m 19 years old ‎‎‏Volunteering in college is an honorable work for me to introduce myself ‎to high-level bodies and leave a distinctive mark on my personality in ‎front of them. Regardless of mention the acquisition of knowledge or ‎experience and to provide information that I have that can be also useful ‎for others, and to be productive and effective role in society.‎

Alaa Afaneh

Aseel Al-Bakri

E-Mail: [email protected]

My name is Aseel Al-Bakri I'm a sophomore (second year law student) I'm 18 years old. Tawjihi average: 95.4 %

Volunteering in college is charity work that reflects my personality in terms of interest in having an effective role in society, and providing what I have with my expertise and information can be a good thing for others.

From other angle, I look forward to a bright future about my personality and how I can share experiences with others and stand up to them so that I can stand up to what I was planning and hoping for.

My hobby is to learn about different cultures and study them. Besides studying the law, I have an internal motivation to translate legal texts and submit them to the responsible organization. These texts may be up to the required level in order to reflect the foundations, laws and principles of my country.