The Quality Assurance committee is one of the most important committees of the Faculty of Law at An-Najah University. This committee is concerned about ensuring the quality of the Faculty of Law's academic programs towards the production of highly skilled graduates who can contribute meaningfully to the development of the Palestinian community.




The Quality Assurance Committee is committed to monitor and follow up the implementation of teaching and learning process according to the quality assurance standards at the University to meet current developments of education at the Palestinian community. 


  1. To disseminate the culture of quality among the Faculty of laws students and academic and administrative staff.
  2. To set-up criteria to evaluate the quality of inputs, processes and outputs of the Faculty of Law. 
  3. To analyze and monitor curricula and courses, and draft reports and takes care of the implementation of the recommendations.
  4. To provide frequent and ongoing feedback about the Faculty's evaluation results to make recommendations to achieve further improvements.
  5. To cooperate with the University's Vice President for Planning, Development and Quality Assurance Office.
  6. To hold workshops for the Faculty of Law's academic and administrative staff about improving the quality of teaching-learning process.
  7. To represent the Faculty of Law in the activities and projects related to the quality of teaching.


  • Dr. Na’eem Salameh (Director).
  • Dr. Ghassan Khaled.
  • Dr. Nour Adas.
  • Dr. Ahmad Bishtawy.
  • Dr. Rana Dawas.