The mission of the Faculty of Law is promotion of  academic research in the field of law. To this end, the faculty encourages research in all aspects ‎of law and in law courses offered to its students

The faculty provides a ‎research environment for its undergraduate and graduate students that ‎motivates them to do creative work, enrich their research experiences and probe legal issues, thus building their critical thinking skills.

In addition, the faculty, in the framework of its endeavor to supply the ‎justice sector with high quality law research, has published a number of distinctive scholarly papers in law and legal education. Its faculty ‎members and students and law practitioners have also written working ‎papers for legal events held by the faculty.

Books (in Arabic) published by the Faculty of Law:‎

  • Noor Adas, Penal Protection of the Witness: A Comparative Study, Nablus: ‎European Union, 2016‎
  • Palestinian Penal ‎Procedures Law # 3 of 2001 and Its Amendments Supported with the ‎Most Important Judiciary Principles Issued by High Court of Justice in ‎Palestine. Nablus: European Union, 2016‎
  • Hussein Mashaqi , Handbook for Explanation of Fundamentals of Civil and Commercial Trials in Palestine.

Scholarly papers published in refereed journals: