In harmony with its mission, the Law Faculty at An-Najah National University ‎welcomes applications from academics holding a PhD degree who wish to participate ‎in the Academic Visitor program at NNU.  This program is intended for visiting ‎academics with a clearly defined research agenda.‎

Criteria for Designation as Visiting Academics ‎

The following are the minimum eligibility criteria for a visiting academics ‎designation at the University:‎

  • The applicant must be visiting from a university, institution, or business outside ‎Palestine.‎
  • While Faculty of Law at An-Najah University gives preference to applicants with a ‎doctoral degree in Law, accomplished applicants with a Master degree are also ‎welcome to apply.  It is important to note, for such applicants, there would be ‎other arrangements. For more information, write to Dean of the Faculty of Law.‎
  • Visiting academics must have a clear defined research agenda.‎

Rights and Privileges of Visitors

Visiting academics will have access to NNU facilities in order to conduct their ‎research and/or help NNU faculty of law in research related activities. Visitors ‎will have access to the following:‎

  • University libraries and other public buildings.‎
  • University health services. Visitors are eligible to use the university health ‎services by presenting a letter from the sponsoring department or unit and ‎paying a nominal fee.‎
  • Discounts on campus events similar to those available to the university ‎staff.‎
  • Housing and offices for the visiting academics.‎

If the faculty wished to make special payment to a visitor for participation in a ‎seminar or‏ ‏defray cost of participation,‎‏ ‏payment should be made through ‎appropriate official channels.‎

Visiting academics Obligations

A visiting academic is subject to and required to observe all rules, regulations, and ‎requirements of NNU, and its Board of  Trustees, and all applicable Palestinian  laws, ‎including but not limited to conduct, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, ethical ‎behavior, equal opportunity, compliance, safety, and health.‎

Visa Requirements

If applicant is planning to stay in Palestine for less than three months, he /she will ‎have to obtain a tourist visa. In case applicant is anticipating a long term stay (three ‎months or longer), he/she has to check with the Law Dean’s office to inquire about ‎the visa requirements. In all cases, visiting academics are kindly asked to email the ‎faculty dean at [email protected]


The applicant will need to complete an application form which is available for ‎download.  In addition to this application form , we also require an up-to-date ‎curriculum vitae and a recommendation letter signed by the visitor’s Head of ‎Department (or equivalent).‎

Approved applicants will be informed in writing of their visiting status, along with ‎confirmation of the dates of the visit and information with regard to practical ‎elements of being a visitor in Nablus.‎

The completed application form and accompanying documents must be  sent by e-‎mail to [email protected].


If you have any questions about the Academic Visitor Program,  please  send  us your ‎e-mail to [email protected].