Criminal Confrontation of Economic Crimes

To enhance the knowledge and capacity of the faculty members, An Najah ‎University, in cooperation with Al-Quds University and Birzeit University, ‎organized a training course about "Criminal confrontation of economic crimes” in ‎Amman, Jordan. The training course focused on 3 aspects:‎

  • The nature and Definition of Economic Crimes.
  • Taxes Crimes.
  • Corruption Crimes

Criminal policy to combat cyber crimes in Arab legislations

In response to the growing relevance of cyber crimes in the world, An Najah ‎University, in cooperation with Al-Quds University and Birzeit University, ‎organized a training course in Amman, Jordan about "Criminal Policy to Combat ‎Cyber Crimes in Arab legislations". The training course focused on 3 aspects:‎

  • Position of the Arab criminal legislation of electronic terms, and its scope of ‎application. to combat cyber crime, and the extent of the need for special anti-‎cyber crimes legislation
  • Shapes and forms of cyber crime in the Arab legislations.‎
  • General and common provisions in the Cyber Crimes.‎

‎“A specialized training on money laundering”‎

Due to the most recent enactment of the Money Laundering Act 2015, An-Najah, ‎Al-Quds and Birzeit universities organized a specialized legal training on this issue ‎that provided faculty members legal and analytical knowledge to deal with the new ‎law.

The main themes of the training included:

  • The concept of Mone‎y Laundering and its criminal elements,‎
  • The international experiences in countering money laundering,
  • How to overcome the practical challenges of countering such crimes

Book launching event

The faculty of law held a book launching event for 5 of their newest publications.  ‎These works are part of series of books that the Faculty of Law is planning to ‎publish shortly, as supported by the EU program.  The authors of the books are ‎current faculty members and Alumni, including Noor Addas ‘The Criminal ‎Protection of Witnesses and the Criminal Procedures Law’, Mr. Muhammad ‎Khateeb ‘Problems Related to the Changes in the Palestinian criminal procedures ‎law’, Jebril Darawsha ‘The Qualitative Jurisdiction of Urgent Matters Judge’, and ‎Faris Bazian ‘Rights and Obligations for Floor and Flats Owners in the Palestinian ‎law’. ‎

“The First Legal Conference on Countering Cybercrimes”‎

In April, 2016, An-Najah University, along with Al-Quds University, held the first ‎legal conference on countering cybercrimes in Palestine. Conference focused on the ‎challenges in the process of fighting cybercrimes in Palestine, the importance of ‎enhancing existing Palestinian laws and developing new laws and regulations to ‎adequately counter cybercrimes, and it also provided insight into a range of ‎international experiences when dealing with such crimes. The EU Project provided ‎a tremendous support in organizing this conference by creating several academic ‎and preparatory committees and creating a basis for a cooperative networking ‎community among criminal law professors.

The event attracted numerous legal experts, who presented academic papers on ‎different aspects of countering cybercrimes, high-ranking officials, including; the ‎Palestinian General attorney (Dr. Ahmed Barak), two Supreme Court Justices, the ‎governor of the city of Nablus, the representative of the Palestinian Police Depart-‎ment, NGOs and Civil society community members, as well as 300 students and ‎law faculty members.

Workshop on the “Land Regulations and Law in Palestine” ‎

The Faculty of Law invited five land experts to conduct a workshop for over one ‎hundred participants, including MA students, lawyers and faculty members, on the ‎topic of regulation of land and real-estate in Palestine. This issue, sensitive for the ‎Palestinian community, especially due to the complexity of the Palestinian struggle ‎with Israel and the existence of the Transferring Land Crimes, highlighted the ‎following themes: ‎

  • The history of Palestinian Real-estate laws and regulations. ‎
  • How to protect land ownership and how to transfer it. ‎
  • Different types of properties and real-estate in Palestine and the special ‎regulations for each type.  ‎

Workshop: “The Compulsory Insurance for Vehicles and The ‎Compensation of Road Accidents Victims” ‎

In effort to combine the theoretical and practical knowledge of implementing the ‎laws and regulations regarding the compulsory insurance for vehicles, in April 2016, ‎An-Najah invited insurance experts, including the director of the Vehicles and ‎Driving License Department, the director of a Police Department for Accidents and ‎Operations, and other officials from the Ministry of Transportation to conduct the ‎workshop. Hundred and twenty participants, which included BA students, MA ‎students, and lawyers, learned practical skills in dealing with accidents and how to ‎calculate compensation for the victims of road accidents.‎
The main themes of the workshop were: ‎

  • the concept of compulsory insurance and how to implement its rules. ‎
  • how to determine the liability of road accidents. ‎
  • the legal procedures to be taken when an accident occurs. ‎
  • the role of the public prosecution in traffic accidents.‎