"A Lawyer is the product of experience (actually standing up in the court room and controlling the ‎‎presentation of evidence, the testimony of witnesses, or the presentation to the court)."

The role ‎of ‎the lawyer in a Trial is akin to that of the Judge:  the lawyer must be ever vigilant, facile on his ‎feet, ‎able to react immediately (and instinctively) to any new developments, and creative in his ‎efforts to ‎overcome discovered obstacles. ‎

‎“‎Students ‎at the faculty of law will not only acquire their degrees, ‎but will also make magnificent friendships that will last ‎for a lifetime.”‎

“It is my pleasure to be a part of this great academic institution, which aims to ‎provide its students an educational and social environment that will enable them ‎to develop both their personal and educational skills. Our students’ future will be ‎with no doubt bright as law faculty family is working so hard to make their time ‎here comfortable and secure.‎

Faculty of law at An-Najah National University will never fail to give its students ‎and alumni the required support to achieve their goals and will stand by them ‎throughout their future careers. Speaking from my personal experience at ANU, ‎which has had the biggest impact in changing the course of my life.