The legal clinic was established in 2010 and is considered a social organization that aspires to protect human rights.

It consists of law students who work under the supervision of the faculty's staff. The clinic offers students a training programme that allows them to gain valuable experience in local disputations. The training programme offers an opportunity for students to work in local human rights institutions.

The clinic aims at enhancing the students' practical skills and bonding ties between them and the local community. It also aims at developing scientific research in order for students to contribute to solving legal issues they encounter.

Currently, the clinic and the faculty staff collaborate to involve students in practical training at the legal clinic to achieve the faculty's objectives.

The legal clinic aspires to:

  • Reinforce the sovereignty of Law.
  • Protect human rights.
  • Support the Palestinian legal system.
  • Implement social and political justice.
  • Serve the Palestinian community.
  • Focus on marginalized groups.

The legal clinic aims at:

  • Raising awareness on legal culture and providing free services to those in need of it in order to enhance the Palestinian legal system
  • Engaging the students with the society by blending theory with practice to reinforce teamwork, profession's morals and voluntary work.

The clinic aspires to contribute in modifying the laws and proposing appropriate adjustments to the authorities.

  • The clinic provides free legal services and advice to the needy.
  • It holds sessions to raise community awareness.
  • It presents and discusses legal documentaries for the university law students and hosts legal specialists.

The Clinic Manager: Ms Safa Balawe
The Clinic Lawyers:

  • Mr. Alaa Khatib
  • Mr. Muhannad Qababji