The Faculty of Law’s Legal Clinic at An-Najah National University was established in 2010. It consists of law students who work under the supervision of the clinic staff who are specialists in various legal fields. The clinic aims to raise people’s legal awareness and to contribute to the protection and promotion of human rights to achieve social justice in society.

With the aim of enhancing learning by integrating theory and practice, An-Najah's Faculty of Law offers a variety of accredited practical courses designed for fourth-year students. For example, the Faculty of Law offers the "Legal Clinic" course which aims to train students to solve legal issues that come to the legal clinic through the free services and consultancies which the clinic offers for people.

These practical courses are designed to assist in fostering and developing law graduates' career readiness to pursue suitable opportunities in the legal filed, and help them develop the practical, day-to-day skills they will need as lawyers across different work contexts.

Based on the Faculty of Law's vision which is to promote scientific research, the Faculty offers its students a range of challenging and exciting opportunities that focus on scientific field research in the legal field. The faculty of Law offers these opportunities to provide law students with the required skills and practical experience to take them into a successful legal career.

The legal clinic does not only provide its students hands-on legal experience under the supervision of legal specialists who are trained in educating and mentoring students, but also aims at strengthening the rule of law in Palestine, strengthening protection of human rights, and restoring confidence in the Palestinian legal system to achieve better justice. To these ends, the clinic actively partners with a diverse array of relevant authorities and organizations to provide free legal services to the needy and poor segments of society, and to meet the changing legal needs of the Palestinian community.

Furthermore, the legal clinic's longstanding vision is to educate law students for practice and professional service while simultaneously meeting the critical needs of the Palestinian community with the aim of seeking systemic change for the Palestinian community that the clinic serves, and to provide law students with opportunities to develop fundamental lawyering skills within a public interest law setting.

  1. Raising people's awareness of the law and their rights through organizing legal awareness campaigns in cooperation with relevant civil society organizations.
  2. Strengthening the efficiency of the justice system through offering the needy and poor segments of society free legal services, including free legal advice and consultation on most matters of law, in coordination with relevant authorities and in accordance with the rules of the law.
  3. Integrating law students into the local community and combining theoretical knowledge with practice through training them on providing legal services and consultations.
  4. Sharpening law students' transferable skills, and teaching them how to demonstrate the ethics of the legal profession.
  5. Providing law students with opportunities to participate in legal training programs.
  6. Promoting scientific research through training law students on conducting clear and methodical legal research and organizing research competitions in various legal fields.
  1. Producing a legal clinic magazine to publish legal news and information, and research studies conducted by the legal clinic's students, volunteers, and staff.
  2. Expanding the work of the legal clinic through offering training programs not only for law students but also for all university students from different specializations.
  3. Forming a specialized body and unit for settling and resolving disputes peacefully.
  4. Running part-time sub-offices for the clinic to provide legal assistance to assist as many people as possible in different areas.

The clinic is directed by the Faculty of Law and supervised by the Dean of the faculty Dr. Na’eem Salameh. It is located in Sufyan Street (Shunnar Building, 6th floor), Downtown, Nablus.

The staff of the clinic includes:

  • Director: Ms. Safaa Bal’awi.
  • Lawyer of the clinic: Mr. Muhammad Al-Atrash.
  • Legal Researcher: Ms. Beesan Abtly.