The University's legal clinic organizes several legal awareness campaigns as it believes that legal awareness lies at the base of any effort toward legal empowerment. Legal awareness campaigns sometimes called Public legal education is the empowerment of individuals regarding their legal rights and issues involving the law.

These campaigns aim to improve people's legal awareness of critical legal issues, coupled with the skills to use this knowledge to realize rights, which will empower people to demand justice, accountability and effective remedies at all levels.

Since the beginning of 2020, and due to the current health circumstances, and Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, the clinic has been conducting its awareness campaigns on TV and radio and via social media platforms, whereby the clinic's students make films and produce videos about these campaigns.

Our campaigns

Here you will find information about the campaigns we have worked on.

Awareness Campaigns about Women’s Rights and Combating Violence against Women

The legal clinic focuses on women’s rights, and aims to provide women with rights-based education and awareness as many women and girls are not aware of their legal rights, which are protected under the Palestinian law. Also, the clinic aims to increase awareness and understanding among all members of society of the different manifestations of all forms of violence against women, their consequences on society, legal punishment imposed by the state on those convicted of committing violent crimes against women, and the need to prevent such violence.

Awareness Campaigns on Labor Rights:

These campaigns aim to increase the knowledge of labor law and workers' rights among workers and employers such as end of the service benefits, awards for unfair dismissal and vacation allowances. Also, these campaigns aim at improving compliance with the Palestinian labor law, preventing continuing infringements of labor law, and making workers more conscious of their rights.

Awareness Campaigns on the Dangers of Drugs:

In response to the increasing drug use in the State of Palestine. The University's legal clinic aims to raise awareness of the harms associated with drug use and highlight the range of support and treatment services available. The campaigns' main focus is on raising awareness of the dangers of drugs abuse especially among youth and school students, and shedding light on the negative legal, health and social consequences caused by drug use in the Palestinian Society.

Awareness Campaigns on the Right to Education:

The right to education campaigns aim to highlight the importance of education as a human right, raise awareness on the responsibility everyone has in its promotion, defense and enforceability, and promote equality of educational opportunity and prohibits any form of discrimination to advance inclusive and equitable quality education for all.