Team: Safaa Balawei - legal clinic, Alla Bani Fadel, Ali Sbeeh and Asma Dwikat

Students and lecturers at the Faculty of Law, An-Najah University are currently preparing to ‎launch the Cybercrime Campaign that aims to prevent and fight cyber crimes in the Palestinian ‎community primarily among new generations because younger demographic represents not ‎only the most eager users of new technologies, but also the most vulnerable segment of the ‎population.

The campaign also recognizes that children and teenagers can be perpetrators of such crimes, ‎so using education as a means of prevention and protection helps raise awareness about the ‎issue from multiple perspectives. ‎

In cooperation with the police department and the Ministry of Education, students at the faculty ‎of law will be conducting visits to local high schools to talk about dangers of cybercrimes, ‎information protection, cyber bullying, importance of reporting and reporting procedures, and ‎legal consequences for such crimes. Bringing together social workers in schools, teachers, ‎students, and their parents facilitates work of law enforcement agencies in a safe and familiar ‎environment. ‎

In the future, campaign hopes to mobilize and train groups of students who will be able to raise ‎awareness about Cybercrimes under guidance of the police officers. The campaign team will ‎conduct workshops for social workers, focusing on crime reporting and relevant procedures, ‎and it will involve parents whose contribution can help further implement prevention efforts.  ‎This campaign will also engage with the local media sources, including Najah TV and radio. ‎

How to get involved?‎

Campaign announcement will be made in the new school year, in September 2017, and ‎university students who wish to participate in the campaign will fill out an application. ‎Successful applicants will be invited for an interview, after which, if selected, they will engage ‎in a training intensive.