One of the best faculties of law in Palestine, the Faculty of Law at An-Najah ‎National University has advantages over other faculties in the country ‎because it combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience.‎

The role of Faculty of Law is not limited to making it possible to acquire ‎theoretical legal knowledge and experience but also to prepare students for ‎the job market after graduation. To these ends, the faculty offers a wide ‎variety of courses as well as curricular and extracurricular activities which ‎all are geared towards training students to practice legal work in the most ‎professional way. It also has a legal clinic which has recently become a full- ‎fledged course in which students build their legal personalities.

The faculty has also ‎agreements and memos of understanding with civil society institutions such ‎as AMAN (Coalition for Accountability and Integrity), and Al-Haq (a non-‎governmental human rights organization).

These MOUs are based on an ‎exchange of experiences and consultation pertinent to reinforcement of ‎pillars of justice in the Palestinian society. The faculty has also ratified ‎agreements with a number of counterpart faculties at Palestinian ‎universities. Joint graduate programs have been established with them.‎

In addition to the legal clinic, the Faculty of Law has a moot court, which ‎enables students to hold mock trials and keep abreast of developments in ‎judiciary and legal corps.

The Faculty of Law also plays a distinctive role in ‎the justice sector in Palestine.‎It has forged ties with the local community and partners within the justice ‎sector. The faculty has concluded a number of memorandums with the ‎Higher Judicial Council concerning students’ visits to courts and lecturing ‎inside court rooms. It has also invited a number of judges to conduct ‎lectures and discussion groups with students.

In addition to partnerships with Palestinian universities, the faculty has ‎made similar partnerships with some Arab and European universities. In ‎charge of the academic process in the faculty of law are a cadre of qualified ‎law professors in different law fields. They are all graduates from ‎prestigious universities. All these advantages have made the faculty of law ‎one of the best choices for those seeking innovation and excellence in legal ‎knowledge and practical experience.‎