Many of our alumni have gone on to achieve great things after graduating. Here ‎are just some of their stories.‎

  • 2019

    Muaz Madmouj

    My experience as a law student at An-Najah National University is considered as one of the most important experiences in my life that helped me to refine my personality and skills, which contributed to raising my awareness and knowledge in a way that makes me able to help the vulnerable people around me since it has always been my goal to improve the painful reality in Palestine. To be honest, my goal has exceeded that by my unbridled desire to help those who suffer from injustice in many parts of the world.

    My experience at the faculty of Law has culminated by graduating at the top of my class with a GPA of 3.93 out of 4. I have also participated during my experience as a law student in many extracurricular activities that aimed at increasing legal awareness regarding international law which I hope to complete my postgraduate studies in due to my firm belief in the importance of international law in protecting the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people before international forums.

  • 2015

    Besan Jamal

    ‎“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and my first ‎step was studying law at ‎An-Najah from which I aspire to pursue my ‎dream”

    ‎My name is Bisan Jamal, and I joined An-Najah’s Faculty of Law in 2012 ‎and graduated in 2015.‎

    My area of study improved‏ ‏my legal knowledge and gave me self confidence ‎as I was part of ‎various extracurricular activities including seminars, ‎debates, moot courts and contests. I managed ‎to obtain my bachelor's ‎degree in three years with a GPA of 3.‎‏66‏‎/4 and was top student in the 35th ‎‎cohort of law graduates.‎

    I also obtained my master’s degree in Public Law Programme and was top ‎as well with a GPA of ‎‎3.92/4.‎

  • 2014

    Sanabel Ibrik

    ‎“Scientific knowledge is the foundation to achieve progress and ‎urbanization”‎

    I have always believed that scientific knowledge is an essential component to ‎achieve progress and ‎urbanization. This belief pushed me to move forward in ‎my study as I was the top student in the ‎‎34th cohort of law graduates in 2014 ‎with a GPA of 88.4.

    With the deanship support, I obtained also my master’s degree in Criminal ‎Law.

  • 2013

    Reem Sheikh Qasem

    I was really lucky to have the quality education I received from my professors ‎at An-Najah

    After joining the bachelor program in law at An-Najah University in 2009, Reem ‎said "I was really lucky to have the quality education I received from my professors ‎at An-Najah. They planted the love of research and knowledge in me.” Reem ‎graduated in the year of 2013 as the first one in the class of 2013, with a GPA of ‎‎3.8, which helped her win a scholarship to get her Master’s in International law ‎and the EU law at the prestigious Vilnius University in Lithuania. Reem works as ‎an instructor at the faculty of law at An-Najah University.

  • 2012

    Mohammad Abu-Shehab

    ‎"Studying at An-Najah University had a great impact on me, as it helped me ‎achieve my dreams." ‎

    Mohammad received his Bachelor in Law from An-Najah, after which he pursued ‎his LLM degree from the American University Washington College of Law in the ‎US. ‎

    He works as an instructor at the Faculty of Law at An-Najah University, where he ‎teaches classes in Commercial and Arbitration Law.‎

  • 2011

    Islam Shadid

    Graduating from the Faculty of Law gave me a chance to ‎compete with other graduates to enter the Palestinian Judicial Institute.

    Islam is originally from Illar, a village near Tulkarem. He works as a judge at the ‎Nablus court and is considered one the youngest people in his profession.‎

    ‎"Graduating from the Faculty of Law at An-Najah University gave me a chance to ‎compete with other graduates to enter the Palestinian Judicial Institute. Following ‎the two year of training at the institute, I received a diploma in Judicial Studies"‎

    In addition to his Bachelor degree, Islam received his Master degree in Public ‎Law from An-Najah and was at the top of the class in the Public Law program.‎

  • 2009

    ‎ Shafeeq Jamous

    Shafeeq received his Bachelor degree in law with distinction from An-Najah ‎University. When talking about his experience there, he said that it inspired him to ‎achieve what he has accomplished thus far. Shafeeq obtained his Master’s in Law ‎from the University of Pittsburgh, USA. He is also considered to be one of the ‎French Arbitration Academy's ambassadors. ‎

    Shafeeq worked as an instructor at the Faculty of Law at An-Najah University ‎from 2011-2013. Currently, he works as an attorney at Deyaar for Real Estate ‎development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is responsible for drafting, ‎reviewing and managing companies' contracts in English and Arabic, specializing ‎in commercial law, real estate, insurance and Islamic bank contracts, all while ‎managing the multi-million dollar companies' disputes in the court.‎

    In addition to his work as an attorney at Deyaar, he works as an arbitrator and is a ‎member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK.‎

  • 2007

    Eman Jamous

    ‎"Studying law at An-Najah University affected my career life in a great way, ‎helping me enrich my intellectual, research and professional skills.”‎

    After graduating from An-Najah in three years, and at the top of her class, Eman ‎obtained a diploma in Judicial Studies from the Jordanian Judicial Institute.‎

    Eman was first hired as a judge back in 2011. As a 25-year old, she was the ‎youngest in her profession in Palestine, working in both justice courts and county-‎level courts. Before appointed a judge, she worked in many judicial positions at the ‎Palestinian Judicial Institute, including the department of planning and project ‎management. ‎

  • 2006

    Mushtaq Al-Qadi

    It’s noticeable that law ‎graduates from An-Najah occupy important positions in many places within ‎our ‎society.”‎

    Mushtaq graduated at the top of her class in 2006. After obtaining her law ‎license in 2008, she got a ‎diploma in Judicial Studies from the Jordanian Judicial ‎Institute.  Now, she works a judge in the ‎Justice Court of Tulkarem.‎

    ‎"I started to perceive life differently and see things from a completely different ‎perspective. ‎Studying law allows you to engage quickly with the society, and to ‎leave a good impression on the ‎others; students at An-Najah National University ‎are well rounded, and have the ability to run ‎discussion sessions that students ‎attending other colleges may not have the experience to do."

  • 2005

    Sawsan E'ashabi

    "My study at An- Najah had the major impact on my career.”

    Sawsan is from Nablus. She got her bachelor degree in law from An-Najah ‎National University. She ‎graduated at the top of her class on 2005, and in 2008, she started working with ‎the Palestinian Judicial Institute. Currently, she works as a notary at Nablus court.‎

  • 2004

    Ayah Emran

    "The faculty of law at An-Najah University was the main hub that formed ‎my knowledge."

    Ayah got her bachelor degree in law from An-Najah National University in 2004, ‎and she was in the top of her class. About her study at An-Najah, she said "The ‎faculty of law at An-Najah National University was the main hub that formed my ‎knowledge and personality; at that point, my journey in learning the basics of law ‎science and research started. Well qualified teachers shared their knowledge, and ‎all the credit goes to them in motivating me and pushing me to seek more". Ayah ‎got her master degree in Commercial Law from Birzeit University, and another ‎Master degree in International Law from Georgetown University in the United ‎States.

    Currently, she is a PhD candidate in law at New South Wales University in ‎Australia. She honed her research skills at Birzeit Institute of Law, as a researcher ‎at al-Moqtafi research group, and at the ICHRP, where she published many ‎research papers and reports. After she returned from the United States, she worked ‎as a researcher at the NDC, as an external consultant for the human rights NGOs. ‎She currently works as a lecturer at the faculty of law at An-Najah. ‎

  • 1999

    Raed Abu-Badawiah

    "Thank you my university. The Faculty of Law at An-Najah University opened its ‎doors for me"

    When he was asked about his experience studying at An-Najah University, Raed ‎said: “Thank you my university. The Faculty of Law at An-Najah University ‎opened its doors for me and welcomed me as an instructor after I attended ‎university as one of its students. There, I received the legal knowledge, a ‎foundation I needed to be able to study at the University of Uppsala, Switzerland, ‎and then, later, at the Diplomatic and Strategic Center in Paris.". Raed hopes to ‎give back to his students what An-Najah provided for him.‎