The Faculty of Law’s vision and mission can be summed up in preparing ‎qualified and competent legal cadres and creating an academic ‎environment characterized by innovation and excellence that provides ‎students with critical thinking and scientific research skills.

To perform our mission, contribute to state building and develop the legal ‎sector in particular and empower the authority of law and protect rights ‎and freedom of all, the faculty works hard on several fronts to make that ‎mission possible.

You are cordially welcome to join this big family that extends over several ‎generations. You would find its members defending rights of individuals ‎and devoting their time and effort to empower rule of law. The faculty ‎welcomes your belonging in this family to take knowledge in law. The ‎Faculty of Law is a beacon of knowledge and source of legal education in ‎Palestine for generations to come.‎

Today, after two decades of hard work, we have the right to be proud of ‎what have accomplished, serving our dear students and law education ‎sector. Since its establishment, the faculty has worked relentlessly to ‎develop its academic undergraduate and graduate programs in public law, ‎private lawcriminal law and intellectual property law.These programs ‎have been designed to meet the needs of the local community for ‎academically and professionally qualified cadres who are capable of ‎improving laws, pertinent to Palestine, and building state institutions.‎

Guided by the saying “Theory without practice is sterile,” the faculty offers ‎a number of practical training courses. It has devoted a lot of efforts to ‎create opportunities for cooperation between the faculty students and staff ‎members and legal firms/institutions, at home and abroad, based on ‎mutual exchange of experiences and advancement of capabilities.

The ‎faculty will keep working hard to remain a source of inspiration and game ‎changer for both students and the community.‎

Every new academic year, the ‎faculty welcomes a new batch of students who have completed their high ‎school hoping to play a role in building, developing and advancing their ‎country. To meet students’ desires and expectations and job market needs ‎for lawyers, the faculty has a number of academic programs in different ‎areas of law.

The faculty embodies its activities in supporting legal ‎knowledge through its resources: moot court and legal clinic.‎