Established in 1995, the Faculty of Law of An-Najah National University has ‎sought to foster the university policy of serving the Palestinian people and ‎strengthening the Palestinian National Authority institutions, exact justice, ‎rule of law and protection of individuals’ rights and freedoms.

To these ‎ends, the Faculty offers two academic programs: undergraduate program ‎in law, and a master’s in public law, private law, criminal law and ‎intellectual property and innovation management. Today, the Faculty of ‎Law has a large number of undergraduate and graduate students. It also ‎seeks excellence in quality of teaching, in accordance with universal and ‎local standards, for the sake of enriching the field of law in Palestine with an ‎elite of specialized, competent lawyers who are capable of contributing to ‎state building and Palestinian legal system in particular. It offers a wide ‎range of interesting law courses which combine theory with practice and ‎make active use of its resources.‎

The faculty, since inception, has turned out a large number of graduates. ‎Some of them have joined the faculty’s graduate programs while its top ‎notch graduates have joined its staff. In addition to its quality academic ‎programs, the faculty has two major bodies linked directly with the local ‎community: UNESCO Chair for Human Rights and Democracy and Free ‎Legal Clinic. The faculty works strenuously to establish bridges between its ‎students and faculty members and local and international legal institutions ‎to reinforce the idea of cooperation to serve the state of Palestine and its ‎institutions.‎