Through the Regional Directorate of the Canadian Foreign Bursaries, the State Secretariat for the Study and Research of Laval University launches a call for the candidacy for 400 Canadian scholarships for the year 2019. These scholarships are intended for nationals of Category A countries (European industrialized countries and non-European countries) and those of Category B countries (developing countries, Third World countries, and non-European countries) to continue their studies and perfect their knowledge for research work in the fields to which Laval University pays special attention.
Scholarships cover the period of one studying cycle or six semesters at most.
Round-trip airfare (Provenance - Canada / Quebec) is handled by the Regional Directorate of the Canadian Foreign Bursaries.
 In order to be eligible for the Canadian Scholarships for Foreigners, candidates must meet the general requirements:
- Be aged between 18 and 64.
- Understand and speak correctly one of the teaching languages in Canada (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian);
- Have a diploma equivalent to high school education, or equivalent to a vocational aptitude certificate of the countries of the European Union.
Selection will be done by The Federal Commission of Canadian Scholarships for Foreigners (CFC).
Grant application forms are to be obtained via this e-mail address: 
[email protected]

* The Federal Commission of Canadian Scholarships for Foreigners will have your file reviewed by the delegated representation of your zone and category of country.
* Successful applicants will receive a certificate from the State Secretariat for study and research for notification of the award. Candidates wishing to participate in the 2019 scholarships must write to this email in order to get the application form: [email protected]

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