A seminar discussion on the phenomenon of child labor in the Palestinian society, was held by ‎the faculty of law at An-Najah National University on Wednesday, June 1st/2016.

The discussion ‎was moderated by Reem Sheikh Qasem (Professor at FOL/ANNU) and it hosted representatives ‎from the Independent Commission for Human Rights, Mr. Yazan Sawafta and Mrs. Ayk ‎Subaihat. Attendants were the law students registered in the human rights course. ‎

They posed the following questions:

What is the extent of legal protection in Palestinians laws with respect to the topic?! Who are ‎those responsible for the appropriate application of these protective laws?! Is there a sufficient ‎punishment for offenders?! What are the next steps for combating this phenomenon in future?!‎

Ms. Reem organized the discussion to bring her students real-world information and provide them with the ’big picture’ of what is happening on the ground and what role citizens play in shaping the community’s future. Success of the discussion, as evident by an impassioned interaction between the guest speakers and the students, stressed the need to hold more seminars concerning this issue as well as other relevant topics in the field of human rights.

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