The Faculty of Law organized a lecture on Tuesday, 18/10/2016 about administrative detention ‎practices used by Israel to detain Palestinians indefinitely without charging them or allowing them ‎to stand trial. The faculty hosted Jawad Boulos, a prisoner’s rights lawyer and the director of the ‎Legal Department of the Palestinian Prisoners' Club Society.

Lecturers Dr. Na’im Salama and Dr. Ghassan Khaled opened the session by welcoming guests and ‎audience members and introducing the topic and its relevance to students and their development ‎of legal knowledge and skills. ‎

Mr. Bolos introduced the subject by placing it in a historical context, invoking cases in which ‎international human rights and international humanitarian law permitted limited use of ‎administrative detention. He drew comparison between said cases and Israeli practices that have ‎routinely and significantly exceeded the existing restrictions placed by the international law. Mr ‎Bolos also spoke about the experiences of Palestinian prisoners to resist this type of detention, ‎and stressed the urgent need to adopt a national strategy that will fight against it.‎

Lecture concluded with a discussion among speakers and student audience members.‎

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