D. Fadi Alawneh has finished discussing the PHD thesis entitled "Judicial Control of Administrative Decisions Comparative Study between Palestine and Tunisia". This topic reinforces the idea of judicial oversight exercised by the Palestinian High Court of Justice in its capacity as an administrative court for administrative decisions issued by the executive authority. In both systems, and shows the real problems that are in place, and works to provide appropriate solutions to develop in Palestine, drawing on the Tunisian experience in this field. The discussion committee praised the importance of this issue as a result of its direct contact with the political and administrative changes in both systems and as a basis for governing the rule of law. As a result, its role is to provide a clear picture of the state of this oversight and the fact of its independence and its ability to control administrative decisions. Dr. Hafez Ben Saleh, former Minister of Justice, granted the student a PhD degree with an advanced degree of honor.

The Deanship and the families of the Faculty of Law at An-Najah University extend their congratulations and congratulations to Fadi Alawneh on the occasion of receiving a doctorate degree in general administrative law with honors from Al-Manar University in Tunis.

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