An-Najah Center for Environmental Law and Policy

‎”Economically viable, community-based law practices with a strong commitment to ‎environmental justice” ‎


Following the global trend, in which more schools are starting to place emphasis on preparing ‎students to practice their skills in the real world, the Faculty of Law at An-Najah University is ‎developing a legal center that is entrepreneurial in nature and seeking to offer solutions to ‎many social and environmental ills. ‎

Due to a lack of local knowledge and experience in the field of Environmental Law, ‎Environmental Law and Policy Center will give students the opportunity to, first learn about this ‎increasingly important field and then apply their knowledge to real environmental legal ‎problems, by undertaking projects for local environmentally-focused organizations and ‎individuals. ‎

Legal center will serve both local and national interests by providing wide access to ‎environmental justice, with a special focus on environment and water, and will also promote ‎An-Najah’s culture of public service. Through a collaborative community effort, center will ‎employ rigorous and interdisciplinary methods that will make environmental legal advocacy ‎more effective. Such opportunities will further their lawyering skills and advance their ‎research-based discussions. ‎

Said center will also increase the human capital by training newly minted lawyers in practical ‎skills and provide them with mentorship opportunities to help them learn how to successfully ‎operate solo or in small law firms that serve the modest-means community. Law and Policy ‎Center will close the justice gap with the potential to provide sustainable, socially conscious ‎employment for recent law school graduates.‎

Why focus on environment and water?

A complex and precarious political environment in Palestine, as a result of continued Israeli ‎military occupation, has stalled any development and implementation of environmental laws ‎and policies thus far. By attending to relevant human rights abuses, the Environmental Legal ‎Incubator will advance advocacy-oriented nexus of environmental justice and human rights ‎research. ‎

Legal center will also seek to address a multitude of environmental challenges, including ‎climate change and environmental rights, toxics reduction, biodiversity, public health, green job ‎creation, preservation/protection of the land, and air and water rights for Palestine’s future ‎generations. ‎

Moreover, it will attend to a widespread lack of awareness amongst Palestinian population, ‎with respect to existing conditions that have led to the existing environmental degradation.‎

Finally, the center will empower individuals and communities and stimulate economies by ‎providing environmental legal services and counseling to allow the underserved to make ‎decisions about practical and innovative solutions to increasingly complex environmental ‎challenges in Palestine.‎

Invitation of Participation

Giving to An-Najah

Faculty of Law depends on the generosity of alumni and friends to provide financial support for ‎the faculty’s most pressing needs. Gifts like Yours can help us sustain a wide range of programs ‎and initiatives, like the Center for Environmental Law and Policy, that will help ANU Faculty of ‎Law remain at the forefront of legal scholarship. Your philanthropic support can help us to ‎achieve all our goals.‎

We seek to establish a legal center that will act as a bridge between the doctrinal theoretical ‎and practical competencies, while tackling a broad range of environment- related issues, the ‎Faculty of Law at An-Najah is developing a body that will provide legal advice in environmental ‎rights violations, develop national research in the field of environment, and train ‎students, legal advisers in governmental and non-governmental institutions on rights to water ‎and environment. ‎

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