The legal framework for Palestinian workers inside the Green Line, settlements, and delegates outside Palestine
By: Noor Sabih Inabosee, Revised & Supervised: Dr. Moyad Hattab



The aim of the legal framework for labor procedures in relation to Palestinian workers is to avoid conflict that may arise in employment relationship concerning workers' rights from the employer. This also extend to Palestinians’ workers inside the administrative territory of the occupation authorities, and even to claims of employment rights raised by Palestinian worker who was assigned by his Palestinian establishment to work outside Palestine.


Therefore, the researcher will clarify the practical legal procedures that must be followed in a claim relating to labor rights of Palestinians’ workers who may be subject to exploitation by an employer of the occupying power, especially in the presence differences of jurisdiction, and due to material and logistical difficulties related to the existence of the occupation.

These procedures will be addressed gradually where the researcher will first clarify the practical procedures for the workers in the Green Line (Israel) area, and then explore the legal liability of the parties, and how to issue a labor claim in the case of illegal entrance, i.e. without work permit, to the Green Line.


  1. the researcher will then examine the legal framework for workers in the illegal statements, and clarify the legal effect concerning working in the statements with or without working permit. It will also the legal similarities and differences applied to workers in the statements and those working in the Green Line, and how workers’ rights could be affected.


It will also bring special attention to the Palestinian workers assigned by a Palestinian institution to work outside of Palestine, whatever the means of that assignment, where the researcher will clarify the legal nature of that work in terms of how to claim labor rights in case of employment conflict.

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