Last year, on 29th November 2016, An-Najah National University participated in a conference about  "Providing  remote areas with solar energy".  Funded by the ACCD ‎and facilitated in cooperation with ERC, UNESCO chair at An-Najah University ‎and SEBA foundation, the event took place in Barcelona, Spain.

Many human rights organizations, Catalonian government presenters and ‎renewable energy ‎specialized companies attended the conference beside ‎presenters of the Palestinian community ‎in Spain.‎

Dr. Joni Assi talked about the importance of the right of electricity as a legal ‎right in the Palestinian, ‎Israeli and International laws. And he spoke about ‎the condition of area C regarding the right of ‎electricity and how a study ‎was made on four Bedouin groups in this area (Birin and Emnzel in the ‎‎south, Wadi Saab in the Middle, and Ein Al Hema in the north) and these ‎groups are not only ‎different from a geography aspect but also from a legal ‎aspect in spite of all of these groups come ‎under the tittle of " Protected ‎Persons" under occupation according to the International ‎Humanitarian ‎Law, Ein Saab Bedouin group considered as refugees who were expulsion ‎from ‎Negev area during the Palestinian Catastrophe of 1948 "Nakba" and ‎they still living this Nakba with ‎the expanding of illegal settlements ‎construction in Jerusalem and Ein Hemma represents people ‎who were ‎expelled from their houses in 1967 but they returned back to their houses ‎again refusing ‎the Israeli policy. And he also talked about the policy the ‎both the Palestinian Ministry and the ‎Israeli occupation adopt in dealing ‎with the insistent asks for the right of electricity in the four ‎Bedouin groups ‎mentioned above. He ended by talking about the project of providing these ‎‎remote areas with energy which is the Energy Research Center at An-Najah ‎working on with a ‎fund from the province of Catalonia in Spain.‎

‎Ruba Al-Khuffash, talked about the right of electricity in these remote ‎areas and the training she ‎was in charge of, in which she trained women ‎about their rights and how the right of electricity can ‎affect their lives.‎

Eng. Fedaa Salamah, aslo talked about the project, and went through the ‎solar energy projects that ‎were implemented by Energy Research Center at ‎An-Najah University.‎

In the end of the conference the Participants recommended the continuous ‎work on supporting ‎these projects in Palestinian remote areas.‎

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