Last month, in February 2017, a group of law students and Ms. Jinan Qadous, ‎lecturer at ANU, created a video to address behavioral ethics concepts and ‎principles.

To comment on the project, Ms. Qadous stated:

‎“This video was created to promote legal ethics among all legal professions ‎and it is a part of the movement I recently started at the faculty of law at An-‎Najah University, seeking to make meaningful changes in this area. The ‎project was a collaborative group work between me, my students and Ms. ‎Irina Karic. I believe that any change in the legal profession at large should ‎start with our legal education and legal ethics should be the foundation upon ‎which to raise our legal and ethical awareness. We cannot blame the system ‎for its lack of efficiency, when we, as a part of it, do not follow the rules of our ‎profession. ‎

It was an honor for me to work with the following students who acted in this ‎video: Duha Khalefa, Lana Fahmawi, Eman Qasrawi, Noor Sharaqa, Abeer ‎Abed, Nayeef Jumaa, Saher Shalbi, Tasbeeh Betawi, Shaker Batran, Hassan ‎Abu Hijleh, Waleed Abu Saa, Noor Jaber and Hakam Estatya. ‎

They were really excited about the project. We are lucky to have such talented ‎law students, committed to spreading the message about the importance of ‎legal ethics and the rule of law in Palestine. Hopefully, this is only the first of ‎many videos we plan to release in the future.”

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