The Faculty of Law conducts an investigation and builds a body of evidence ‎in a virtual crime scene to bring the theories which law students study in ‎class to life.‎

The faculty aims at linking theoretical and practical knowledge by training ‎law students on the criminal legal procedures to be followed by the ‎investigators, the Public Prosecution and the judicial monitoring group. It ‎also aims at training students on how to collect evidence and solve a crime ‎at a murder scene.‎

The investigation activity includes law students‏ ‏of different academic years ‎who will observe a crime scene under the supervision of Mr. Nour Adas, ‎faculty member at the law school.‎

The activity is supported by the Developing Two Master’s Degree ‎Programmes: The Criminal Law Master’s (An-Najah National University ‎and Al-Quds University) & The Law and Economics Master’s (Birzeit ‎University) Project.‎

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