In cooperation with  An-Najah  Public Relations  Department, the Faculty of  Law  organized a workshop on April  13, 2017  on promotion and  engagement of youth  in   the  electoral  process. Held in the faculty’s Moot Court.  The workshop addressed a number of key issues. One of these  key  issues  was  enhancement  and  empowerment of Palestinian  youth in the  electoral process and increase  of their participation  in it.  The  workshop  also  touched  on the lack of  interest  by some Palestinian youth in participation in the  elections, and  the  quota system  which allocates  five seats  for men as opposed to one for  women. This was in addition to women’s participation and empowerment in the process to enable them to get their shares.


The workshop was presided over by Faculty Dean Dr.  Mo’ayad Hattab.  Participants  in the  workshop included  faculty  member  Ms. Reem El-Qassem and  head  of Public Relations  and Communication  Department  Dr. Abdelkareem  Sarhan. In attendance were students from the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Media. At the conclusion of the workshop, Dr. Hattab asked students questions about the extent of their knowledge and understanding of the electoral process.

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