On 26 October 2017, the faculty of law at An-Najah National University organized a legal seminar entitled "conflict and cleavage: Arbitration in the Palestinian Shari'a Courts". The seminar was held in the moot courtroom of the faculty of law.
The seminar was attended by Judge Dr. Abdullah Harb, President of the Shari'a Court of Appeal, Dr. Anwar Janem, vice dean of the faculty of law , Dr. Louay Omar, coordinator and supervisor of the seminar, and a group of college students, trainees lawyers and a number of faculty members. Dr. Janem welcomed Judge Harb and the attendees, pointing out that this seminar is part of a series of extracurricular activities organized by the college in line with its vision to integrate extracurricular activities with the college courses.
Dr.Omar explained that Dr. Harb was hosted in this seminar because his extensive experience in the dispute arbitration mechanism in the Shari'a Courts according to the Law of procedures assets of 1959 and the Personal Status Law of 1976, to merge between the two sides and provide enlightenment to students and who interested in this field . The seminar focused on Shari'a courts function in preserving the family, if there was a dispute between the spouses, the event is referred to sharia court in a jurisdiction to try reconciliation between them, If the court can not resolve the dispute, the dispute will be resolved through judicial (judicial divorce) for the disputers . The seminar also focused on the difference between the concepts of conflict and discord, and monitoring some statistics of the cases.
Translated by Aseel Albakri

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