Justice Minister Ali Abu Diak received on Wednesday at his office the dean of the Faculty of Law at An-Najah National University Dr Muayad Hattab.

The meeting discussed how to enhance cooperation between the Ministry of Justice and the Faculty of Law at An-Najah University in the field of human rights and the harmonization of relevant Palestinian legislation and laws to promote human rights.
Abu Diak pointed to the importance of the role of the Ministry of Justice in the National Committee for the harmonization of legislation with international conventions and covenants, and the need to intensify the efforts of all legal partners to develop the legal system to guarantee the basic rights of the Palestinian citizens.
In turn, Dr .Hattab expressed that the Faculty of Law is ready to cooperate closely with the Ministry of Justice in various legal areas, particularly with regard to the promotion of legal guarantees of human rights.



The Dean of the Faculty of Law stated, to the Faculty of Law website, that the visit was fruitful and positive. The two sides agreed on the importance of working together to enhance public and cultural awareness of the national laws guaranteeing human rights. He added that the development of national laws in line with modern international standards in democracy and human rights is of common importance to both sides. The meeting will be followed by practical steps to implement this partnership.

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