On Wednesday, April 4, 2021, the Faculty of Law at An-Najah National University in cooperation with the Palestinian Anti-Corruption ‎Commission (PACC), held a virtual lecture via Zoom on techniques for investigation and prosecution of corruption cases in Palestine as part of the" Corruption Crimes in Palestinian Legislation" course.

The lecture was organized for law students and aimed to increase the participants' understanding of the tools and techniques used in corruption investigations.

The lectured covered the following topics: the international standards in the fight against corruption, crime reporting, gathering information from suspects and witnesses, and criminal investigation methods.

Dr. Nour Adas, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, pointed out that this ‎workshop is vital to foster students' learning and integration of theoretical ‎knowledge in practice during tertiary education, and expand and ‎deepen the ‎knowledge students have acquired during the " Corruption Crimes in Palestinian Legislation" course.

The lecture was given by Mr. Osama Al-Saadi, Director of the Legal Affairs Unit at the Anti-Corruption Commission. Mr. Al-Saadi said that the PACC aims to raise awareness about the importance of combating corruption among university students especially law students. Moreover, Mr. Al-Saadi spoke about the role of the Anti-‎Corruption Commission in fighting and combating corruption in the Palestinian ‎society.

The lecture also included discussions among participants about the different topics of the lecture.

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