Here, at the Faculty of Law at An-Najah University, we will never stop growing or ‎experimenting with new approaches to provide our students with education in law that is ‎relevant, empowering and intellectually stimulating.

Faculty staff welcome prominent experts from the community and abroad to speak to the next ‎generation of legal leaders and scholars about emerging issues in legal studies, bridging the ‎gap between the academic realm and practical knowledge. Students at An-Najah have ‎opportunities to engage in discussions, discuss current and innovative projects, and share ‎lessons learned.

Workshops and training

  • Training with Al-Haq Institute on International Law and International Humanitarian Law (for ‎graduate students and Legal Researchers) 22/8/2015‎.
  • An Najah University, in cooperation with Al-Quds and Birzeit universities, organized a training ‎course about "Regulatory Impact Assessment” in Amman, Jordan. (18-20/12/2015)‎.
  • Workshop with DCI “The Juveniles’ Police Unit in Palestine; between international standards ‎and public reality.” It was conducted by Mr. Khalid Quzmar, the director of DCI in Palestine, and Ms. ‎Sawsan Salahat, a lawyer at DCI. ‎
  • Workshop “Official Misconducts in Palestine” with Mr. Belal Bargouthy, the legal consultant at ‎AMAN. (14/9/2105)‎.
  • Workshop Workshop. “Challenges of the Integrity of Governance” by AMAN. (01/06/2015).
  • Workshop with lecturer Noor Adas about ‎‏"‏The Criminal Protection of the witness" (10/2/2015).‎
  • ‎Workshop “The forensic medicine and criminal Justice” with Mr. Fayez Bkerat from Birzeit ‎University ‎
  • Workshop: An-Najah University, in cooperation with the Palestinian Anti-Corruption ‎Commission, conducted a workshop “Corruption in Palestine and How to Counter it”. The ‎speakers of the event were two professors from the Faculty of Law, Dr. Bahaa Al Ahmad and ‎Dr. Raed Abu Badwieh, and the Anti-Corruption Deputy Prosecutor, Jamil Sajdieh.  (19/4/2015)‎.
  • Workshop: “The Diversion of Palestinian Land to the Israeli Occupation; Challenges and how to ‎counter them” was conducted by Mr. Shawkat Barghouty, the general director of Land ‎Registration at the Palestinian Land Authority, and Dr. Qusai Awwad, a lawyer specialized in ‎Land Law. (22/4/2015)‎.

Interactive Class

Moot court exercise in the Criminal Procedures class with Dr. Fadi Shadid.‎


Conference about "Palestine and the International Criminal Court: the consequences on the ‎domestic legal system and on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict".  On 29/10/2015, An-Najah Hosted ‎Dr. Ali Khashan, former minister of justice, Dr. Mo'taz Qfesha, Dean of the faculty of law at ‎Hebron University, and Dr. Mohammad Shalalde from Al- Quds university.


The faculty of law conducted a seminar about "The role of International Committee of the Red ‎Cross (ICRC) In documenting the Israeli violations against Palestinians", hosting Mr. Hussam ‎Shakshir (ICRC Representative) on 18/11/2015.‎


  • Event “Criminal policy to combat drug offenses in the new Anti- Drugs and Psychotropic Substances ‎Law" hosted Yahia Kurdi from the Drug Enforcement Administration.
  • Roundtable "The Palestinian Prisoners between the International Humanitarian Law” with ‎Jawad Bolos, a lawyer from the Palestinian Prisoners Club Society. (16/03/2015)‎.
  • Roundtable “Legal Analysis on the Accession of Palestine to Several International Environmental ‎Conventions”.  (2/4/2015)‎
  • Roundtable “Justice in Palestine; Challenges and its Improvement vision” with Chief Justice Ali Muhana, Director of ‎Palestinian Judicial Council. (20/4/2015).
  • Roundtable “The Role of the Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) in Mentoring ‎the Works of the Executive Authority. ANU hosted Mr. Mousa Abu-dheem, a representative of ‎the ICHR. (1/4/2015)‎.