On Tuesday, September15, 2020, Dr. Naeem Salameh, Dean of the Faculty of ‎Law, met with Mr. Thair Khalil, Head of the Juvenile Prosecution in Palestine. ‎The meeting aimed to discuss and foster possible areas of joint cooperation ‎between ‎ the two parties in many ‎ways.‎

Dr. Salameh explained that this meeting is part of previous agreement between the Faculty of Law and the Juvenile Prosecution. The Faculty of Law offers its law students training opportunities at legal institutions to enrich their skills, involve them in the labor market, and offers them opportunities to work in legal fields.

Mr. Khalil emphasized on the importance of developing more training programs in partnership with the Faculty of Law. " Developing such training programs help students develop their skills and abilities that support professional studies and prepare them for work later on." Mr. Khalil said.

Both parties have agreed to organize and implement further awareness raising activities and programs in the field of penal mediation in juvenile justice system.

The meeting was also attended by Mrs. Safaa Balawi, Legal Clinic Director, and Miss Bisan Jamal, Legal Advisor at the Legal Clinic at the University, and Miss Maali Mousa from the Juvenile Prosecution in Nablus.

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