About the NICHE Project

Seeking to develop capacity of higher legal education in Palestine, in November 2015, ANU partnered with the Center for International Legal Education (CILC) and the consortium of partner universities in the Netherlands.

Funded by EP-Nuffic, the project aims to create innovative and gender sensitive legal training curricula, based on the current needs of the Palestinian labor market.

It also seeks to promote the use of contemporary teaching methods and enhance the pedagogical approaches and skills of faculty members through practical trainings and exchange visits.

An-Najah, and other targeted education institutions, including Birzeit University, Al-Quds University, Hebron University, and the Palestinian Judicial Institute, are working closely and jointly together in order to develop a national curriculum and further possibilities for academic research in the Palestinian Territories, and upgrade it through publications and PhD programs.

To ensure long-term sustainability of the project, a holistic approach is used to build upon the existing practices to create a culture of learning in which institutions can learn from each other and their respective experiences, thereby fostering stronger links between them.

For more information about CILC and the project, see: http://www.cilc.nl/project/capacity-development-in-higher-legal-education