Very few books have the universal adoration that The Alchemist has. It has been translated into over 80 languages and sold more than 65 million copies worldwide.

Coelho’s masterpiece seems to connect with almost anybody who reads his book, now Sony is trying to take that experience and put it on the big screen. Can it be done?

The story of Santiago, regardless of its unfamiliar setting, somehow relates to a deep human experience that is shared by all. His quest is an allegory about life, the decisions we make, and the happiness we seek. Consistently, Coelho’s message is to follow your heart, no matter where it may lead you. If you do, you will achieve true fulfillment.

Movie creators that decide to adapt books are usually under strict scrutiny by the reader fan base. This effect is doubled when the book in question is as dearly loved as The Alchemist is. Not only is the book a masterpiece, but it also has spiritual elements. Converting those emotions into a movie may be difficult, but that isn’t going to stop me from seeing it come release day.

Source: Bookstr Website

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