In the technologically advanced world we live in, it's hard to put down the phone. Even the computer! We're constantly typing, tweeting, and searching through endless amounts of nonsense to pass the time.

Before the day begins, all the way to bedtime, most of us are guilty of always picking up our ‎phones for no reason at all. Occasionally there will be an important phone call or text we have to ‎get to, but what about the time we simply waste on social media? According to CNN, Americans ‎dedicate over 10 hours a day to screens! ‎

We could be dedicating that time to so many other productive things. It seems that scrolling through social media does nothing but fill a void in time. What if we started putting the phones down and averting our eyes to something more a book? Ah, yes! A glorious land of words. You could be reading a lot more if you swapped the phone or computer for a book.

Why would you do this? Beyoncé just revealed she's having twins and you have to look through all of her pregnancy photos! Well, maybe give those pictures a quick look. Beyoncé was a poor example, because obviously I'm going to look at those pictures before I pick up a book right?

Anyways, instead of endlessly scrolling through Twitter or Facebook, one could be reading. There are times I catch myself looking through pictures on Instagram, but not really searching for anything - just scrolling. Why would I do that when I could be reading? Social media has made us weak. We're addicted to the phones in our hand and aren't always good at switching it to a book instead.

When you read more, you learn more, and that isn't necessarily true with scrolling through your phone. When you finish a book, you feel accomplished and you can brag about it!

If you find yourself getting distracted by the phone in your pocket, try uploading books to your phone or tablet! Just read more! You got this.

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