The 2016-2017 season marks the 58th year of the Philip C. Jessup International Law ‎Moot Court Competition. As Jessup is indeed the largest moot court competition in the ‎world, the Law Faculty at Al-Najah National University is always keen to join in.

This ‎year, the Faculty of Law at Al-Najah University is competing with a team of 5 students in ‎total, and 2 of the faculty’s professors to coach and guide the team, professors Raed Abu-‎Badawia and professor Moyad Hatab.‎

‎Team members meet regularly to discuss their continuing research process regarding ‎the specific Jessup case ‎‏-‏Case concerning the Sisters of the Sun-, and to practice for oral ‎rounds. The team went to Ramallah for an official practice for all Jessup teams competing ‎in Jessup nationally; they‏ ‏watched a video to improve their body language and self-‎confidence. Also, they witnessed reenactments of oral sessions to develop their skills. ‎Trainings at Al-Najah are held in the moot court room. Team members get to learn more ‎about international law and the ICJ as they go. Furthermore, they are now focusing their ‎efforts to prepare for the oral rounds held in Ramallah.

‎Last year, Al-Najah came second at both memorial and oral rounds. Moreover, Al-‎Najah won first place at the preliminary oral rounds. Jawwad Nabhan, who was one of ‎the members of last year’s team, was the top second oralist nationally. This year, the team ‎looks forward to winning first place nationally, in order to go represent Palestine in ‎Washington DC at an international level.‎