• Besan‎ Jamal

    A Jessup team member in 2016 , a Jessup team coordinator in 2014

    ‎“Being involved in such a great thing like Jessup was one of the greatest things that ‎happened to ‎me. This competition allowed me to deal deeply with international law ‎texts and cases, and it made ‎me realize the value and importance of international law ‎for vulnerable and developing states. ‎Jessup changed many things for me, starting with ‎creating interest and love for the international ‎law and ending with a new soul that now ‎seeks to make use of international law to help the state ‎of Palestine and represent the ‎pain and suffering of Palestinian people to the world. I'm really glad ‎to have become a ‎member of the huge Jessup family which includes members from all around the ‎world, ‎and I'm really glad to have those great international friends whom I met in Jessup.” ‎

  • Sara Qawasmi‎‎

    A Jessup team member in 2016

    It was a very valuable experience. At some point, it was hard, but we learned so much, ‎‎especially when we got the chance to apply what we studied. We really got deep in the ‎‎international law, and we learned how to search in the precedent, how to write ‎pleadings and how ‎to improve our communication skills. When we dreamed about going ‎to Washington DC, that made ‎us want to work harder to get that chance. We had so ‎much fun there in DC! We met new people ‎from all over the world and we learned ‎more about cultures that are different from our culture. ‎We were so lucky to get this ‎chance.”‎

  • Diana Faou'r‎

    A Jessup team member in 2014

    ‎“I'm so happy that I have got a great chance like this to improve myself. I participated in ‎the Jessup competition at the international level during my second year of the BA. This ‎experience has had a great impact on my life in terms of developing my personal skills, ‎including the ability to stand in front of judges and defend the rights courageously, and ‎to improve my legal knowledge of the international law. This competition was a very big ‎challenge for me and I had earned it. Thank God for giving me this chance.”‎

  • Ameer Salqan‎

    A Jessup team member in 2014

    ‎“My name is Ameer Salqan and I participated in this great competition, which promotes ‎awareness among law students, especially in the international law (the law which each ‎country in the whole world needs). I thank god for giving me such an opportunity to ‎participate in such great project like this!”‎

  • Mohamad Omar

    A Jessup team member in 2013

    I had the honor to represent my country in this contest, which gave me the opportunity ‎to enhance my knowledge of international law and human rights. It also allowed me to ‎know the procedures of international courts, especially ICJ.

  • Rema' Jodeh

    A Jessup team member in 2013‎

    ‎“I had the pleasure to be a part of Jessup experience and to be a member of the ‎Palestinian team ‎in 2013.  Jessup competition was a great honor for me and a ‎magnificent opportunity. I had the ‎chance to improve my international legal knowledge ‎and also my personal skills. Thanks to Jessup, I ‎can speak in front of thousands of people ‎and also in front of any international law experts. As ‎Palestinians, we desperately need ‎these kinds of competitions to be able to represent our cause ‎from a logical legal point ‎of view. Thanks to both An-Najah University and Jessup for letting me be ‎a part of that.”‎‎

  • Sana Damra‎

    A Jessup team member in 2013

    ‎“It was a unique experience, which strengthened my self-confidence and gave me skills ‎in giving speeches. It also enriched my legal knowledge and gave me the opportunity to ‎know new cultures via meeting members of other universities.”