To celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day, in April 2016, the Faculty of Law organized a number of public awareness events about Intellectual Property.

Lecturers and students discussed the meaning, nature, importance and challenges that modern ‎societies face, with regard to said topic. Dr. Amjad Hassan also Hassan about the Faculty’s new ‎graduate program in Intellectual Property, which was established in the first semester of 2015-2016, in ‎cooperation with a number of Arab and foreign universities. Dr. Hassan highlighted the role this ‎program is expected to play in promoting intellectual property laws in Palestine and raising public ‎awareness about this field. ‎

During this event, three graduate students in the program spoke about intellectual property in ‎general. Ms. Diana Fa’our addressed the Palestinian trademark laws highlighting the most serious ‎challenges and problems facing execution of these laws, and ways of overcoming them. Ms. Sireen ‎Qa’dan discussed patents, their registration, and laws and conventions that regulate them. Ms. Manar ‎Al-Halabi devoted her presentation to publications, author copyrights, legal regulation and rules that ‎govern them.‎

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