On Monday, 18/9/2017, the Faculty of Law organized a workshop entitled "How to study" for new law students. The workshop was held in the conference room of the Korean-Palestinian Institute. The workshop was supervised by  Dr. Anwar Janem, vice dean of the faculty of law with participating lecturer Mrs. Nour Adas and Mr. Ali Sbeih, as well as a group of new college students in the academic year 2017-2018. Dr. Janem welcomed the teachers and students, explaining that this workshop is part of the extracurricular meetings that the college tries to share with the students. He also talked about his personal experience in the study and that the most important step that student should take is to summarize the subject and adhere to the lectures. The workshop included a presentation of the secrets of academic excellence and its importance in student's future, also included the presentation of ex-models students (former students) who outstanding and occupy multiple positions in the community. The main theme of the workshop was to provide the most important guidance for new students. 
translated by : Aseel Al Bakri

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