On 5/11/2017, the Faculty of Law held a scientific symposium in the Faculty of Medicine, in cooperation with the Human Rights Defenders Group and the Medical Students Union Association, about: The Reality of Medical Errors in Palestine, where the nature of medical errors in their general sense and responsibility under the legal present system.

at this symposium Dr. Fadi Alawneh said that the problem of medical errors is not a local problem, but rather a global one, and states are working to develop medical laws that create a balance between the need for a doctor to work and not to use the law as a sword hanging on his neck to ensure that he is properly followed.

Finally, the seminar concluded with a set of recommendations, most importantly the need for a law of medical responsibility in Palestine along the lines of some Arab countries, as well as the activation of some laws in force such as the Palestinian insurance law.
Translated by: Alaa Afaneh

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