Faculty of Law is launching “Unit of Research and Legal Studies” that will be a great opportunity to improve academic skills of newly graduates


“Unit of Research and Legal Studies” is the first official unit approved by the college and it aims to:

1 - Contribute to the promotion and improvement of research and the publication of articles and reports on various subjects of law.

2 - Understanding the core of legal texts and explaining the judicial rulings issued by the Palestinian courts by reviewing, discussing and commenting on it.

3 - Raising the level of legal competence of students through a variety of work programs provided by the unit, which ensures the emergence of a generation of educated legal able to discuss the legal issues, to reach the spirit of the legal text.

4- To enrich the legal content in Palestine through the implementation of the programs of work of the unit and commitment to its fields of work.

The opportunity is to provide and serve our students and the newly graduates in the following points:

- Enhancing their CVs, so that include academic research experience in order to support your application in competition at the marketplace and to apply for master's scholarships.

- Developing your skills and legal information.

- The opportunity of attending the conferences which will be held around the world.

- Writing and publishing research papers and legal articles.


With all honor we invite you to register quickly in “Unit of Research and Legal Studies “to be one of the founders of this huge and distinguished project.

To know more about the unit and registration please follow the below link:



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