The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Moayad Hattab, visited the Advisor to President of the State of Palestine for Legal Affairs, and congratulated him on his new position. The meeting also discussed ways of joint cooperation, especially in strengthening legislation and laws governing human rights and democracy in Palestine. Academic and official levels in promoting and building a just and equitable Palestinian society.

Dr. Hattab explored the activities and events led by the Faculty of Law in the dissemination of legal culture, and the promotion of human rights, and the presentation of modern methods adopted by the College in the dissemination of this awareness, including the use of websites and radio programs.

The Advsor to President stressed that President Mahmoud Abbas is particularly interested in building the justice system and the separation of powers and the need to intensify the efforts of all legal partners to develop laws in support of human rights in accordance with the basic rights of Palestinian citizens and the international treaties adopted by Palestine.

The two sides also agreed to continue cooperation and exchange of knowledge to achieve these common goals, especially in the harmonization of Palestinian legislation and laws related to the promotion of human rights.

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